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pg_race_matters's Journal

Race Matters in Prince George's Co., MD & the USA
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race, racism, prince george's county, maryland
This forum was started in March 2007. Posts are moderated, but you can comment on a post by clicking the "speak" link. Please see the first post to see what this forum is about. The Newsvine for Prince George's County now has "racial" tags on it, so stories from there may be used for this forum. A link to just stories tagged "racial" is here.

"Race" in this discussion is the construct which is man-made to separate people by color and ethnicity, starting primarily in the early 18th century. Only select members can start a new thread, so let me know (email me at info [at] pgcares.com, use subject: pg_race_matters topic) if you'd like to start one and what the topic would be.

If you'd like, there's also a corresponding email list at YahooGroups: antiracism-pg. For a forum with more issues concerning Prince George's Co., see prince_georges.

To learn more: Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism, Race the Power of an Illusion PBS interactive web site, the book "Race Matters", the web site "Race Matters", and Anti-racism Resources by the host of this forum.

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[Note: the "Upper Marlboro" location is just to show our county seat, not to limit the geography to that city.]

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