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Keeping Small Unintended #Racial Slights from becoming Huge #Problems at Work, Play, and Church

Last week I heard a great talk by Dr. Chris Bell, Jr., who's retired military and author, of "Keeping Small Unintended Racial Slights from becoming Huge Problems at Work, Play, and Church". (text) (podcast / audio) It was an excellent message. It was from his African American perspective, so for people who have never studied anti-racism, especially white people, this could be enlightening for you. Granted, people of other perspectives see things differently, but this is an important perspective for non-African Americans to know. He talks mostly about black and white relationships, but he also includes other non-white people.

Certainly not all racism is from white people, but most of it is in the larger society of the United States and there is still white superiority in Prince George's County that may be unseen. Our history has carried it on and he explains how it subconsciously gets into all of our minds. It's also great for anyone who wants to live amicably in a multicultural society.

See: News about Racial Issues in Prince George's Co. click here.



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