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Books about Prince George's County - not all race-based #maryland #princegeorges

A friend of mine (who lives in Prince George's County) reads books on Kindle, then highlights passages, posts them on Amazon.com, and sends them to Facebook groups that I'm in. He often reads books about racial issues or history of African Americans. I don't have time to read all those books and I don't own a Kindle, but I enjoy reading those passages. Some of those books might be available from our county library, too.

After I read the passages from the latest book he's reading ("Respect in a World of Inequality"), I remembered I hadn't posted here for a while and decided to look for books on Prince George's County. Well, there are a lot of books that mention our county - I sorted the results by published date - you can see the excerpt on the page where the county is mentioned, though when you get to the book page, you have to put the county name in the search again due to the apostrophe messing up the search. Some of them seem not to be race-based, such as "The Complete Guide to Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens & Deeds: How to Earn High Rates of Return" and "An Ecosystem Approach to Sustainable Agriculture: Energy Use Efficiency in the American South", but many of them still are.

"The Underground Railroad" by William Still has many good references for people studying genealogy.

"Place Matters" lists Prince George's in the index along with "minorities in". This book might be good for policy-makers and zoning advocates as the book description says, "The central thesis of Place Matters is that economic segregation between rich and poor and the growing sprawl of American cities and suburbs are not solely the result of individual choices in free markets. Rather, these problems have been powerfully shaped by short-sighted government policies. The first order of business must be to overhaul those policies. In the process, both urban and suburban citizens will gain a keener awareness that they are all ultimately bound by common interests and share a common fate."

If you're interested in books that mention Prince George's County, don't get fooled by those that mention Prince George County in Virginia or Prince George city in Canada.

Happy reading!

See: News about Racial Issues in Prince George's Co. click here.



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