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Good Sharing on Twitter with Lanham man getting top #inanafricanhouse #FF #princegeorges #pgcounty

I know many of my readers don't use Twitter and I don't use it any where near as often as some, but there is some very good information there. I'll recognize some folks to follow if you decide to join us there, but you can view the conversations without joining.

Today there's a sharing of #inanafricanhouse with Chi-Chi from Lanham getting the most retweets with "Doing Chores is not a Option". Some people may not appreciate his username, but it gives us a look at the culture of mostly youth and young adults sharing about their personal experience in a knowingly open internet environment. It looks like they're having fun sharing on this very hot day here in PG (the politicians don't like the use of "PG" for "Prince George's County" as it sounds disrespectful, but the youth use it a lot and feel it is as respectful as saying "LA").

If you try Twitter, here are some recommendations for following:

@mddems (Did you know Obama is in PG today?)
@CountyExecBaker (Our county leader is working to improve our health care system)
@PrinceGeorgians (Sharing this blog, other blogs, and news)
@PrinceGeorgesMD (Sharing news about the county)
@CapitalAlert (Keep a watch if you live near DC)
@PGFDPIO (Keeping us aware of fire and emergency issues in the county)
@SuiteMagazine (A professionally written county tweeter)
@RushernBaker (Our county leader with a personal touch)
@News_PGCounty (The Gazette - their latest is a scandal at WPGC-FM)
@PGSentinel (Another newspaper for this county, keeping us up-to-date on events)
@princegeorges (More news and events)
@EnvisionPrinceG (News from our Parks and Planning Commission)
@Accokeek (From Accokeek Foundation, giving us environmental tips)
@pgcyd (Prince George's Co. Young Democrats)
@GovernorOMalley (He's also tweeting about Obama coming today)
@wvcaldwell (An avid reader, especially about African American history and related issues, who tweets with links to his reviews and book quotes from Amazon Kindle.)

There are plenty more, but that's for starters. For more, go to these hashtags or search terms: Prince George's, #pgcounty, and #princegeorges. (Beware that "Prince George" is a city in Canada and a county in Virginia.)

See: News about Racial Issues in Prince George's Co. click here.

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